Tuesday, December 14, 2010

saltines are icky

      I really hate this morning sickness....... but I thought that I would post a picture of the belly!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Babies, Babies and more babies.... Well maybe just one baby!

       Alright this time I am posting cause I am PREGNANT!!
I really had no idea that I was because I had been feeling dizzy, and like I was going to throw up so in talking to my mother she thought I was coming down with the flu and I really thought so considering Charlie was the only one that got a flu shot (only because he works at the Hospital) and I thought I was coming down with it.
      Then I went home for thanksgiving, SURPRISED the heck out of my mom and my greeting was her screaming "BIRDIE" and naturally as my mother does... She cried. Oh also keep in mind that Charlie kept telling me I was pregnant and it was not the flu. So that I was talking to my sister Jandre and Renee about the fact that I was having these cramps and it was the day before I was suppose to start my period (I am regular, I will either start the day before or the day of the last time of my period) and I still hadn't gotten it. They smiled...
      So the next day was thanksgiving and all was well, I could STUFF my face, I think that I ate more then I normally do on thanksgiving.... Oh well. But we were staying at my sisters and she happened to have an extra pregnancy test as informed to me by my brother-in-law... Now before we actually left for Spokane I had a thought that How funny would it have been to find out that I was Pregnant on thanksgiving and then tell my family I was pregnant... How Ironic!!  
      I simply felt the need to take it since we were staying at his parents house the next day, so i asked my sister if I could use it.... "I guess so" I ran up to the bathroom and found it, closed the door and was ready to do it when my sister knocked on the door "Let me in" I Remember letting her in and saying something, then she handed me a cup for me to pee in.. I was a little reluctant what if someone drank out of it or something... I proceeded to pee and Jandre put the pregnancy test into the pee... and then we waited.
      By the time that the results were ready my sister had her back to the counter and I leaned over and looked... PREGNANT... was in big bold black letters. My sister got to look at it she was excited. I grabbed the test and she and I walked downstairs were Charlie and Forrest were watching Top Gear. I showed him, he looked down and then to me again "are you serious" No I had Jandre pee on it.... I was a little worried that he wasn't happy, he told me that he was but he was scared and nervous, he thought that somehow he might screw up that child...
      Next thing was to call my mom, we had kinda skirted around it but also telling her, she was shocked and then of course she started to cry.... and she kept asking why I felt the urge to take it "because she had a pregnancy test and I don't have money to buy one and I am staying at the in-laws tomorrow and I know they don't have any."
      But all in all I am really excited, we have our names picked out for if we have a boy or girl and I am really praying for a girl!!! 
      So July 31 we shall have a Liam Wylie Cory or a
Sophee Anne-Elise Cory but I will say that the cravings have started. Around christmas time they have small tubs of the soft peppermint candies that you put in your coco well I bought 2 of them and ate one whole tub by the time I went to bed that night...