Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 13, 2011

      So Today was the day that I left to come home to watch my sisters children while She, Her Husband and Her In Laws flew to London and then through out the next 3 weeks travel to Ireland, Scotland and France. My flight was at 1:55 pm and we left our apartment at about 8:00 or 8:30 in the morning..... which i thought was a good plan considering there was to be construction on the way there... I ended up getting to the airport in Portland about 11:15ish and i sat by my gate for a WHOLE 2 HOURS.... bored out of my mind and tired.
      So as time drew on I finally boreded the plane at about 12:35 and was seated at the back of the plan next to a lady who I found out later on the plan was a nurse but not a delivery nurse as she said that "I hope you dont have that baby..." due to the crazy turbulance... the flight was boring but suprisingly fast and I remember landing and the pilot put on the breaks I had to put my hand on the seat in fornt of me... I looked at her and said "Well if I were in labor the baby would totally have SHOT out by now!"
      My dad and my 2 nephews picked me up form the airport but not before I stood in the cold for a little bit, I got in the car and Micah SCREAMS so loud "BIRDIE".... hahaha I love that little boy. I went back with my dad to the house and hung out till me mom got home form work... first thing she does is rub my belly..... I LOVE MY MOMMY!!!! Then we came to jandre's house and my little brother stayed with us.....