Wednesday, May 11, 2011


      So being home for a week now is a little weird, but thats okay I was practically gone for 3 weeks. As soon as I got home the OB called me and told me that I did not pass the 1 hour Glucose Test and that since I didn't that I had to come down for the 3 HOUR TEST!!!
      Shoot me NOW!! I had my 28 week check with the OB and for once Dr. ver Beek didn't smell like old nasty coffee breath but that could be because I was leaning away from him. He measured my belly and told me that the growth was good and that I was gaining weight!! 5 Lbs. since the last visit! While he was measuring my belly I don't know if it was the pressure he was applying to my pelvis but I got to say DID NOT FEEL GOOD.  He also told me that were I feel Liam at 99% of the time is me feeling his bum...
      Then he told me that I needed to go down and do my 3 hour Glucose Test! So I went yesterday and was saddened that I got the Lemon Lime flavor (NASTY) instead of the Fruit Punch which would have been more manageable I think! I had the same lady drawing my blood for this test that I did for the last test and again she commented on how she bet I was the life of all the drinking parties cause I downed that crap like no bodies business! 
       So she took my blood before the drinking of the Nasty Crap proceeded, my fasting blood sugar I think.... then I drank the crap and waited for an hour. More blood drawing.... at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 and then 1:30! I thought that they only draw it 3 times but NOPE it was 4 TIMES!!! Each time hurt a little more then the next! 
      When it was finally over I could finally EAT, I was so hungry after not eating for 17 hours! I had left over pizza, some peanuts, a banana, and a yummy Lemon Sour Cream Pie and it was delicious!! OH and about 3 glasses of milk!! I was so exhausted!!!
      Then today at about 9:30 Sarah the manager of the womens clinic that I see the OB at calls and I know what she is going to tell me!! YUP I HAVE GESTATIONAL DIABETES!!!! I knew it!! She did tell me though that my blood sugar levels were not that high but that I need to meet with the Dietitian and that I will have to start checking my blood sugar 4 times a day..... 
      I just prey that it goes away after pregnancy. Charlie this morning is telling me that problems with having Gestational Diabetes and the effects it could have on Liam.... NOW WHY would you tell me those things! Its my first child don't try and scare the hell out of me with this medial talk! I did reply to him with "well then he will be oh so special just like you" hahahaha pay back!
      Nah but I know that Liam Wiley will be the hottest thing coming this July (other then his cousin who is due 6 days before him) and it will be because he has got his mamma's looks!!! Oh and I have already betrothed him to Miss Madison Rae.... :D