Saturday, February 25, 2012

Surgery Day!

17lbs. was all I understood
     Yesterday was surgery day and my little muffin did great!! He is such a big boy!! Well I thought that I would update it and also explain things cause I don't rally think that I mad sense on Facebook!
      We arrived about 11am and got all checked in and ready, then maybe 20 minutes later they called us back and asked us some questions and told us to get him naked so that they could weigh him..... so we did...
So Hungry!!
      After they did all that we waited for the Doctor to come and check him all out and that was about almost noon.. His nurse who was such a sweet lady had been loving him and talking to him had gone and got an update..... 
      She came back and said "I am going to give it to you straight, Dr. Austin is stuck in a surgery on the other side of the Hospital and probably won't be done until 1pm. I know that doesn't help him but I didn't want to give you a time like 20 minutes and it not happen." 
     We were fine with that but Sir Liam was NOT, He was so hungry! He had not had a FORMULA bottle since about 10:30ish the night before and an APPLE JUICE (watered down) bottle since about 7:50 that morning so this poor guy was starving!!
     So Charlie and I tried whatever we could to keep him calm cause he was not a happy camper. It is now around 2-2:15pm and nurse #2 (also so sweet) was checking around and comes to tell us that she is going to go get another update. Comes back and says "Dr. Austin had finished his surgery and went home to have a little nap, He came back and there was an emergency post bleeder that had come in and they had to bump that person into the OR that you were going to go into. I know that that doesn't help but I have this sugar water that you can dip his binky into to see if that will help."
     I should also say that between the time of Nurse #1 and Nurse #2 I had managed to get Sir Liam to sleep which was a big surprise!
      So we dipped his binky into it a lot and eventually he fell asleep again (only for a little bit) and at this point I think that charlie had done out into the hall to talk to his dad. I was watching that little tv that they have in there and I was watching bot Madagascar and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow's part 1... Liam woke up about 3-3:10 and is okay while he sits on Daddy's lap and watches spongebob.
    FINALLY Dr. Austin comes back and asked up 2 or 3 questions and then marks Liam on the left side just so the Nurses and stuff know that that is the side that they are working on. and then he goes back and maybe 10 minutes later Nurse #2 come and says that they are getting the OR ready for him. Its at this point that I think that Liam understood that he had to wait again and he got REALLY REALLY REALLY ANGRY!! he hadn't eaten in about 8 hours!! so we wait maybe 10-20 more minutes when the anesthesiologist comes and asks up if he is allergic to anything. so he goes to the little computer to do stuff and we wait another 10 minutes and then another  anesthesiologist comes and introduces herself and says its GO TIME!! 
      Liam was so hungry at that point that he was chocking on himself cause he was so angry and the sugar water we used almost all of it just to calm him down.
      One of the nurses going back told us her name was Cory (or Corey) and as we are walking back to the OR Liam is SCREAMING! We get to the Orange line before the OR and Nurse Cory "Alright mom and dad give him his last minute kisses this is as far as you can go." I kiss my poor little muffin and hand hime to Charlie and it is then that I start to get a bit weepy. I can hear him screaming as we are walking down the hall D:
      It was 3:58 when we leave to go get food, Note we have not eaten since 8am and we are starving! One thing that I hate about PORTLAND is trying to navigate your way through it all! We get our food and take it back to the Hospital and actually eat it in the car. After listening to a few songs not the radio we go back in.
      Charlie goes to the bathroom and I am looking at this "Safety House" that Lowes had made so that parents and look at it for child proofing! this lady had come with her stroller and baby and has her back to the door way to the bathroom and I see Charlie come out and couldn't see me but then I got his attention. We get into the elevator and he tells me that "I thought that that lady was you but then I was like WAIT A MINUTE. I was going to come up behind you and scare you but the I realized that that lady wasn't you!" I SHOULDN'T HAVE GOT HIS ATTENTION!!! That would have totally made my life!!!
      So we go back to the Waiting room and WAIT! Its about maybe an hour since they took him back that I finally go back and ask for an update the lady is so sweet: 
"What is your son's name?"
"OH Liam! I love that name!"
She calls back talks to Nurse Cory
"Yeah I have ALWAYS loved the name and I was never going to give it up so He got stuck with it and there was not changing that"
     She laughs and then tells me the news!! She said that the surgery was going GREAT and that they had to do the 2 step procedure and that they had just finished the 1st step! So I go back and tell Charlie and then we wait some more. FINALLY after about 45 minutes Dr. Austin comes out and explains to us what was up!
     Liam had his testicle, It wasn't shrunk or anything, He said that the tendon thing (whatever it is)( I think the blood vessels) were so taut that his ball was in his tummy. So they I think cut them so that they could heal (or maybe it was the Vasdeference)(I don't really know) where as if he had done it all in one day he said that since the blood vessels were so tight that if her were to attach it that it would have done more harm then good. Charlie explained as looking at it like a hose, The long you pull to stretch the hose the narrower the opening gets. If Dr. Austin had pulled it down to attach it he could compromise his testicle.
      So Dr. Austin said that we have to come back in 6 months to pull it down and fix his Hernia! Then he showed us some pictures and explained what he meant. After all that we get to go back and see Sir Liam, Poor little muffin is just coming out of it and he FINALLY GETS TO EAT.
      Finally after getting all the stuff needed to get the HECK OUTTA THERE done Nurse #2 pulls out his IV and man is my son a bleeder!! Nurse #2 gives us some really good pain killers for him and talks to us for a bit. She was so sweet!! We get to pack Sir Liam in the car and off home we go (at about 6:10pm)! My baby slept from the hospital all the way home without eating! Then we get home and Liam eats a total of 14oz and falls back asleep but not before Charlie changes him and then hands him to me cause his little pee pee hurts and says "You take him I can handle this." meaning Liam in pain crying.
Still kinda out of it
      Oh Yeah Dr. Austin fixed his pee pee, Though he was circumcised his skin (he just pulled the skin back to were is should have been) was kind of growing over the head and he said that since he was already out he just took care of it cause it would have taken longer for it to eaten out on its own then if he hadn't done it then.
      So Liam slept for 9:35pm to 8:15am!! He is doing good and the only pain he is in is his pee pee so we gave him pain killers and now he is asleep. Charlie said I did better then he thought that I would have. I only got weepy at the beginning and at the point I had to hand him off. My baby is such a TROOPER!!

So they gave him three small cuts:
ONE under his belly button to inflate his tummy to look for hie ball
TWO (on the right side of the picture, actually his left) is where I believe they cut (whatever it was) the blood vessels or Vasdeference
THREE (on the left side of the picture, actually his right) was too look at his right testicle

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I really LOVE this little boy!
My nephew's stuck a dart to
his head... It was funny

 So I really need to update and have been thinking to do so for a while but I don't think that anyone reads my blog anyway and I think that these posts are just me talking to myself...ANYWAY!!!
Merry Christmas!!
      We went to Liam's Urologist appointment in December and basically they couldn't find his poor family jewel so they scheduled us to come in on the 24th of February so that they can look for it and from what I got when the Doctor was explaining it to us was this:
      They will put him under and make a little incision under his belly button and stick a tube into his belly to inflate it with air so that they can then go in with a little microscope and look around for it. 
      The possibilities are these: 
1.) His testicle could be shrunk by which they will remove it
How he got that low I don't know
and he loves to stick his legs
straight up in the air
2.) It will be up in his tummy, due to the fact that the tendon ( I think) I can't remember what they said they would do with that one.
3.) it there and just hasn't descended and they will pull it down and attach it
4.) he has a hernia (can't remember what they called it) with which they will just pull it sown and attach it... 

Opening Presents with Grandma...
She got him a hat from Australia
and his cousins got him a really cute book
     January 24th my sister will have my 3rd nephew (on my side) and I am super excited that I get to fly home February 1-8 and help her but also be there to see him be blessed!! Even though I was just recently home I am super excited to go.... But I have never flown on a plane with a baby so it will be some thing new!
      Liam recently got a bumbo seat that was meant to be green as advertised by the box but turns out that it was purple which I realized doesn't really matter if in the future we have a daughter since it will work for her!!
     While in Spokane for christmas we found out that Liam was 15 pounds and 7.5 ounces!!! My son is a fat adorable boy!!
In his girly bumbo...
      I got a sewing machine for Christmas/My Birthday from my parents and I am making blankets for my Niece's and Nephew's but since I have a lot to make they will be a little late... lol... I have the blankets for Charlie's brother Brandon's kids and I am almost done with Jena's kids then on to Jo's four kids and I am super excited to make them.....