Wednesday, September 29, 2010


MINE: Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Chocolate syrup
 Now ever since I can remember whenever I ate Ice Cream with any kind of syrup topping i cant help but to MIX IT all together, have done so all my life!!

Last night Charlie and I while watching Supernatural had Ice Cream, each with our chosen syrups. I prefer Chocolate and He prefers Strawberry (thank you Katelyn). I look over curious at what he was doing.....

"Did you just mix up your Ice Cream?" I asked him

HIS: Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Strawberry syrup
"Uh Yes."

      We are meant to be!! Ever since he was little he did the same thing,    mixed it up and ate it!! I am glad that he dose cause now I know i am not the only weirdo that does it, my husband does too!!!!



     I am not pregnant, I simply like most girls like to think of baby names before, you know to get a feel for them! What girl doesn't?? THOUGH I very much like the name Briony, Charlie however doesn't so I thought lets go with Alice Briony Cory! Uh well maybe not cause when you abbreviate her name it would be ABC... Now I may be mean at time but I am not that mean! Charlie and I have come to a decision on our top 3 Boy Names but not so on our top 3 Girl Names,  OH and ahead of time, before you leave a comment YES I know that the name WESSON MAKES YOU THINK OF COOKING OIL!!!

Liam Wylie Cory... We both like the name Liam, Wylie is his grand fathers middle name.

Wesson Alex Cory... We thought about naming another boy Smith... and Alex is Charlie's middle name

Dene Russell Cory... Love the name Dene, my dads middle name, Russell is my Papa he passed when I was really young.

Scarlett Anne Cory...  I stared liking it then Charlie, Anne is mine, my sisters, and my moms middle name

Alice Caroline Cory...  I LOVE the name Alice (alice in wonderland), Caroline... Carol is my mother-in-law and since working at the C.E.C with a girl named Caroline I love it!!
Eislee Noelle Cory... Cause Eisley is one of my favorite bands, it is an awesome name and I would only change the LEY to LEE for my Uncle Gregory Lee Noack; my cousin Ashlee, Kaylee and (ME) Kimberlee are all named after him, and I love the name Noelle!!!

     I have other names I like.... and in being me I do not like the common names or the ones everyone is using! I would want a name that is unique to my child not one that he/she has to share with 100,000,000 other kids.....50,000 is okay ( lol )

  • Eloise
  • Keira
  • Moira
  • Emery
  • Tegan
  • Elodie or Elladie
  • Jude
  • Luxe
      Though I think that we are set I very much like the name Teague for a boy and yet again Charlie doesn't like it but hey maybe a dog!!! Let me know what you think!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

So talented it makes me WEEP!!!

SO Riverdance is coming to PORTLAND on MAY 27th-29th and I have not seen it in so long I told Charlie that for christmas all he had to do was get me tickets and come with me so I hope that he remembers.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Since September 11th 2010!

      SO... I have been really tired as of late, my back has been hurting, and my ladies are kinda tender. So I told Charlie this and (sometimes he says things just to freak me out) his reply to that was "Maybe your pregnant" I admit I kind freaked out a bit cause I know that even thought I am on birth control I can still get PREGNANT (learned that from watching all those baby shows on Discovery Health) so I started freaking out and I called and talked to my mom, but when I went out the next day I  bought a PREGNANCY test (Charlie doesn't know) ands while reading the directions its telling me to take it a day after my missed period, re-leaving fact is that my period is still 2 weeks away so I am hoping I am not.
      Since the Wedding we went to the wax museum on the Newport Bay Front, I HATED it!!! First it was NOTHING like the one in VEGAS!! Second it was really dark, I stood with my back against the wall the whole time, paranoid that something or someone was going to jump out and scare me, Third WHY did they have to but red lights in the was statue of SASQUATCH?? IN A DARK ROOM where people like me are easily SCARED???
     We went down to the Nye Beach Front, I saw out of the corner of my eye a GIANT GIANT FISH!!

Made out of Plastic stuff
      There was this place on Nye Beach that had all these Glass sculptures and they looked AMAZING, they ranged from $500 to $5,000 they were AMAZING

Both of the end ones are flowers, the middle left one is a wave
and the middle right has jelly fish in them.
      Newport has this place called the Historic Bay Front, has all these shops and places to look out over the bay, they have a place were they dock all the boats that go out crabbing and such and they have a little dock area that has this cage that they leave on one of the docks so that the Seals and Sea Lions can come a nap i thinks its so that boats don't hurt them but they bark and bark and bark, there are a ton of them cause the noise is ridiculous but AWESOME!!!

AWESOME it was a beautiful day that day

      So my sister took some pictures at my wedding, LOVE HER FOR THAT, and so I thought I should add a few of them.

I love my Father-In-Law, he is so funny

I LOVE him!

My Nephews

Monday, September 6, 2010

And we're back.... in SPOKANE

      So I got home last night at about 10:35pm last night and I am still dead tired! John, Carol (my soon to be in-laws) and I went down to my home of Waldport, Oregon to pick up my love!! It was awesome and I love our apartment, we went to the ocean and also sight seeing, kinda!

View of the ocean on our way to the Light House
in Yaquina Bay I believe.

He turned around right at the perfect moment!!!

So pretty, and again I could not see the
sun was in my eyes

Oh well HELLO there, he is so cute
LOVE  Charlie Cory

These Prism's actually reflect the light,
I learned that the Light House Light will be on
for 2 seconds off for 2 seconds then on again for 2
but then its of for 14 seconds, only to start over again.

View form the top of the Light House

These Cobble Stones are actually really smooth and really
round! Apparently you are not allowed to take any!
 Oops my bad, I only took one and it was perfect!

I was really excited how this turned out because
the sun was shining right in my eyes and I could
not see a thing when I took it!

      So with all the excitment Charlie and I have come home to get married and then go HOME, our home! i am excited, Oregon is just so BEAUTIFUL and I dont think that I will want to move from there for a VERY VERY VERY long time!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On a Jet Plane....

      My mom and dad left for California today, I am so glad cause even though I love my dad he has started to drive me nuts and I do not think that its going to end till after I am married!
My Mommy and Daddy leaving for
Chad and Katelyn's wedding

          Soon after Jason and I left the airport we got to the Argonne exit and we get pulled over by one of the State Troopers my dad works with! How hilarious is that! My dad always tells us to tell them "Oh man my dad is going to kill me, you know and hes a state trooper so he wont be too happy" I NEVER DO THIS!!! I usually cry! hahaha
          Then I went and made a payment on my ring because there are no Zale's in Newport! STUPID! I finally found a cd that Bestbuy had deleted from their system and NO ONE had it but Hasting's! EISLEY is so good they are an Indie Rock Band! LOVE THEM!!
         Super Duper excited to see Charlie on Saturday!!!! I love him! I told him today that my friend Cassi was worried about me a few months before I met him because I was so UNHAPPY, all the friends that I hung around with were in a relationship with someone and I wasnt. I am the kind of person that would rather be in a relationship then single, I HATE being single. But then I met Charlie and I told him that I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life. He then told me that before he met me he wasnt happy either and that I made him extremely happy! I LOVE THAT MAN!!!