Thursday, October 27, 2011

My little Chunk in Shinning Armor!!

      My little boy is getting so big and I love it! I was looking back on the picture of when he was first born and I think that I mentioned this in the last post but I miss how fat his little cheeks were! They were the most kissable cheeks I had ever seen!

His cute faces!
      My poor little lamb has to go see Doctor Austin on December 12th, he has hand an undescended (I will put this kid friendly) Family Jewel since he was born and his Pediatrician gave him some time go get it down but after 2 months it still hasn't come down. Dr. Rash said that if we left it how its is he would be more prone to Testicular Cancer and a higher infertility rate. NO WAY was this MOMMA GONNA LET THAT HAPPEN!!
His sad faces!

These are his spirit fingers!
      So We are going to go see the Doctor and he is going to evaluate my poor little lamb and I am 100% sure that he will tell us that he will have to have surgery to fix it which Dr. Rash said would have to be done!! I think that will be harder for me to handle then his circumcision since with this procedure he will have to be put on anesthesia and I believe and IV.... poor little lamb!!

      The little lamb has been smiling for quite some time now and it is beyond adorable, My mother says that me looks like me when he smiles! He is cooing more and I am 99.9% sure that he half giggled the other day! I really want him to giggle. I think that he is also not very ticklish cause no matter what I do he never smiles... well not never if you jiggle his cheeks he will smile. I was singing "Bluebird" by: Christina Perry to him and all he would do was smile at me (also when he half giggled).

We start them off early...

      I have noticed as of late that the little lam will get lint in the fat creases of his arm pits, in between his finger, the fat creases of his hands, under his neck rolls and he gets what I like to call toe jam... Who ever thought of that name?? He is just my "Chunk in Shinning Armor".
      Charlie and I often say that we cant wait till he gets a little older and his personality gets more noticeable!! He is going to be such a heart breaker, the ladies wont be able to resist him! Charlie is having a little rough of a time with him, he wouldn't allow Charlie to feed him without crying and I think that it was only because  Charlie works so much that Liam isn't as use to him and he is to me!
One of my favorites in his 3 month stash!
We were both wearing stripes that day!

I think this is the picture that my sister
said he looked like Mr. Bean

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

so whats up?

      Liam is doing well and is as FAT as ever!! Yesterday I was looking back at some of the pictures of his birth and there was a photo of my sister holding him and HOLY CROW his cheeks were SOOOOO FAT and I kinda wish that his cheeks were that FAT still!
      We took Liam back to Spokane for his baby blessing and it was very nice to see my family again and I can say that I missed them. I don't think that I held him once Grandma and Nana wanted him ALL THE TIME!!
      Charlie's dad doesn't like to hold babies and I think that Grandma passed him to John (Grandpa) for a minute... I think that he held him for about thirty seconds and he looked slightly uncomfortable so I said "I can take him if you want." and he passed him right on over.
      It was good to see Erin and Jack!! It was quite funny to see Erin hold Liam... She didn't quite get how to hold a baby and I think that she was afraid that she would break him... Jack wanted to hear his epic farts! 
      Speaking of farts I have noticed that Liam farts ALOT! He has currently started on formula and I think that it makes him quite gassy!! Its funny to see Charlie "gas" him as I like to call it. 
      Liam will fall asleep and all os a sudden there is a big fart and a sad cry.... poor baby scared himself awake! He has his two month check up today!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ahhhh the birth story...

      So I figured that while the little boy sleeps I thought that I would finally post how the birth went down....
      My mommy and sister came down July 28th and got her at about 12:30am... so technically the 29th! I had a OB appointment that day and they came with me, my mother wanted to see if we could persuade him to induce while they were here because thats why they came down.... to help during labor! When he had checked me he told me that I was 1cm Dilated and 90% Effaced... then my mother asked him if he would be opposed to inducing me and that if he would that she would make him brownies (which she did). He said that he would and that usually when he scheduled for people to be induced that they would go before the date! I was to be induced August 1st....
      Even though I walked around LIKE CRAZY I did not go into labor so we went in August 1st at 7:45am and they got me all prepped and ready at 8am. I have to say between the IV and getting the Epidural... the IV was the worst! It felt like she was digging the needle into my bone!! I thought that my sister was crazy saying that I would be able to taste/smell the stuff they put in the IV first... WEIRD! So they checked me when I got in there and I was still 90% Effaced and only 2cm Dilated... after that it was slow and not really any progress... I was still Posterior (my cervix was behind his head)!
      So it was actually Dr. Morishita that was to deliver him, she was originally my OB. She checked me the second time  at about 2pm or 3pm and that was PAINFUL... the nurse that had checked me earlier and it didn't hurt only cause she had smaller fingers! So I was 3cm then and she said that she would come back after her rounds... so they had stopped the pitocin cause I wanted to walk around, I just couldn't lay in bed any longer... They restarted it and Dr. Morishita came back at about 6pm-ish and said "I thought that you would have had your Epidural by now..." so she didn't check me but we discussed it and thought that it would be best to get the Epidural before she checked me only because I was in so much pain the last time she checked me... I was prone to certain things during my pregnancy that no matter how hard I tried it would go away!
     So the Epidural wasn't bad at all... they numbed me before they gave it to me and as soon as I got it I felt sooooooo FANTASTIC!! About an hour after I got the Epidural she came in and checked me... 4cm and 100% Effaced and I was no longer posterior! Now all I had to do was WAIT SOME MORE!!! After about an hour or two Dr. Morishita came back and checked me again I was at a 9.5cm Dilated and then she stretched me to 10cm and that was about 11pm-ish!! Then she broke my water and even though I was numb it totally felt like I was peeing my pants... It was REALLY FUNNY! Now all that was needed was more WAITING... Luckily only two hours and fifteen minutes later it was PUSHIN TIME!! 
      I think that the first two hours of pushing was slow and none progressing really... He just wanted to hang out in that birth canal! Although when he came out he had a scrape for were his head had rubbed against my pelvis. 
      The last hour was ROUGH... although I couldn't feel the pain of the contractions but the pressure of the contractions and the baby coming out was painful!! My mom was holding my (left) leg and my sister was pushing against my foot, Charlie was hold my (right) leg and the nurse was pushing against my foot. I got super exhausted and had to use an oxygen mask.. I remember crying  but No I was so tired that there were NO tears!
      Charlie was saying "KEEP GOING, KEEP GOING"  and it helped for a while but soon it started to get irritating and I thought that the nicest way to tell him to be quiet was to put my hand over his mouth... I felt bad cause he was only trying to help me but he said that he understood.. He didn't realize that he was doing it that loud and that he did it with the patients that he had at work. Soon his head was coming out and it seemed to go back in a bit but... They tell you to push for 10 seconds and then take a breath and go again (3 times) and then relax but I had one or two contractions that I could not relax and i had to push again... Believe it or not it actually decreases the pain when you push through that...
      As his head was coming out and I was relaxing before I had to push again, Dr. Morishita asked me if I wanted to feel his head and I got a little IRRITATED that she kept asking and that I kept saying no... I just want to PUSH and finally GET HIM OUT!
      And then I gave three more HARD PUSHES and out he popped!! I will say I literally screamed as I pushed him out... That feeling as he came out it was like relief NO MORE PAIN!! My mom said that with all those pushes where his head would come out then go back a little "His head kept coming and coming" I honestly thought that my labor would never end! I was so tired and just wanted to be done, I remember saying to my mom "I cant do this anymore, I just want to be done!"
      I sadly tore... they said I had a second degree tare and the recovery SUCKS!! But they put him on my chest and I was SHOCKED... He was a BIG BABY! I thought that he was at least between 7-8lbs. I looked over at them taking care of him....

Liam Wiley Cory
9lbs 5oz
21 3/4 in. long
15 in. head
Born August 2, 2011 @ 4:28am 

      It hadn't hit me until my mother showed me a picture of him that THIS WAS MY BABY!! I didn't cry when they put him on my chest but when my mother showed me that picture I started to cry! He was so chubby and had a GIANT HEAD!! I remember Charlie told be that when he was coming out that he was not going to look but I saw him look twice... I thought that it was funny when he looked when he came out.. I think that he made a face at me!
      I finally have my baby and I couldn't be happier!! I have a wonderfully perfect husband and the CUTEST BABY EVER!! I am very happy with my life right now!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

37 week OB visit

      So I guess I should start with Tuesday (July 12) I had some issues that I thought might be connected to my water breaking. So I called my sister to talk to her about it and then I called my OB and they basically told me that I needed to go to the Hospital, not the women's clinic which is where I usually go, and get checked out just to make sure that my water had not broken....
      I got checked in and such and they had me change into a gown and belly band and give them a pee sample... After lying down on the bed  she put a thingy to monitor Liam's heart beat and I will say that it took her a good 5 minutes to get his heart beat to show up due to the fact that this boy is a wiggler!! 
      After that she did a little swabbing to test for the Amniotic fluid and then she checked to see if I was effaced/dilated... I think that that is the worst part for me cause its difficult for me to relax at all with all that pressure and such! She then said that she could not really tell how effaced/dilated I was because his head was basically in the way... I thought that that meant that he was coming but she just said that usually there would be room to feel around the head to feel the cervix but I guess that Liam had a MASSIVE HEAD!!
       After being checked and such the loving nurse told us that we'd have to wait for the results of the swab.... came back that my water had not broken but the stuff that I thought was my mucous plug was indeed a good chunk of my plug (meaning he is coming soon :D) and that I would still be loosing some since it can regenerate. Then she tells us that we need to stay for about 20 minutes so that she can get a good heart beat reading on Liam due to the fact that the WHOLE TIME we were there he NEVER STOPPED MOVING which meant every time that he would move it would not show on the monitor. DARN CHILD.... I LOVE him though!!
      I will say this about my Husband he doesn't like all that icky stuff of getting checked and such. So when she was checking me I thought it weird that he actually scooted the rocking chair closer to my head... I thought that it was because he could see what she was doing! He later informed me that he did it "To be nice" What a silly boy!! I love him but I don't get why this baby stuff makes him all icked out... he goes to babies being born all the time....
      So today I had my OB appointment and it was my first time with Doctor Shumate.... Not what I thought!! He was extremely nice and when Charlie said earrings I thought "Oh maybe gadges?" nope its a hoop and a diamond... in both ears. He checked Liam's heart beat and said it was between 129-133... They had called earlier this morning and asked if I could come in at 12:30 instead of 1:30 and I start thinking WHY WHY WHY? As a first time mom I think that thats fairly normal to freak out when they don't say why. It was because He had had something scheduled for my appointment time... SIGH OF RELIFE!
      My first thought when they called is that they are going to tell me that I have Group Strep B... to which I would tell them to TAKE THIS BABY OUT NOW!! It seemed like everything that they had tested me for had all come back positive. Luckily I was negative for it and I was excited!! I am kinda looking forward to my next appointment on the 22nd....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Liam's Future Wife

      So one of my really good friend... Mrs. Bridgette Kehrer had her daughter about a month ago (I believe) and I haven't really gotten to see her except for in pictures... But she and I have come to the conclusion that our children SHALL MARRY EACH OTHER!! We have already arranged it... 
      Miss Madison Rae Kehrer.... we are going to be coming home (spokane) September 1-7 and Liam and Madi will go on their first date and also in their matching outfits Bridgette and I got them... We shall be there to make sure no mischief is going on and plus they don't know how to drive... but all I got to say is that she is just so FREAKING CUTE I cant handle it... :D

Liam's future wife.... Madison

Rosting on the FRONT BURNER

      So since 35 weeks I have been getting fatter... I know that my mother hates when I say that...I KNOW I'M NOT FAT and it doesn't bother me to say that! But I have realized since about 30ish weeks I have been dying of heat! I don't sleep with the covers or any cloths really but I am still always so hot!!
      4th of July Weekend my In-Laws and Ben (Charlie's youngest brother) came up and decided to do some deep sea fishing from the Charter company in Depoe Bay! I was originally going to go but I called the OB to just make sure I was able to go or not. Unfortunately they told me that I couldn't, which I had a feeling that they would tell me that. 
      Charlie, Ben and my mother-in-law all got up at about 5:45am (I did as well since I don't sleep much)to go fishing since they had to be there before 7am! My mother-in-law and Ben both ate before they took the dramamine but Charlie decided not to eat before he took his! I found out after that my mother-in-law and ben had gotten sea sick, my mother-in-law more so then Ben but Charlie thinks that they got so sick because they ate! Charlie didn't though and it was probably cause he never really eats breakfast anyway!
      The day that my In-Laws left (July 4th) we went to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, which I haven't been to in YEARS... YEARS!!! It was a 2 hour drive but SOOOOO worth it!! I have never walked around so much in all my life but at least it helps with the baby dropping more!! They recently (since I have been there)added the space portion and they even added a WATER PARK!! There is a plane on top of the building that has the water slides coming out of it and going into the building and the pools!! IT EPIC and I REALLY WANT TO GO!!
      There is a Plane in the Aviation part called the "Spruce Goose" it HUGE and totally EPIC! You can go into it but parts are sectioned off that you are not allowed to go into unless you pay for a tour....
$25 for a tour of the front of the plane and up onto the (I guess) flight deck and sit in the front, mess with the controls and such! you also get one picture (they take more then one for you to choose from)basically the $25 is for the picture
$50 (I think it said per person) for a tour of the front and back of the plane. You get everything in the $25 tour but you in addition get to go tour the back of the plane!
      So the picture of Charlie, Liam (though in the womb)and I is hanging up in the dinning room... although his parents have the one of all five of us that they are going to send us!! I will just say it was a good day I think!
      Today I got a package in the mail... Jena (Charlie's 2nd oldest sister)sent me some baby cloths for Liam! They are all super cute... oh yeah Jena is due 6 days before me and we are both having boys!! I am excited to see my new nephew... he will get to join his two crazy ADORABLE sisters and I know that he will be just as ADORABLE as them!! LOVE YOU JENA!!
      Charlie is working 8 straight nights and all I got to say is I am bored outta my mind!! 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

35 Week OB Appt.

               So today I had my 35 week appt. I got to hear Liam's heart beat again, at 135, then I had told Dr. verBeek about how he was sitting and he was feeling around and pushing on my belly (the pressure was irritating). I told him that it sometimes looks like he is lying with his back against my belly but also on my right side as well but it looks flat in the middle of my belly. So he poked and pushed.... Turns out that he is still head down but he is lying side ways with his butt in my ribs and and his arms over on the right side... so what I am seeing is when he moves stretches and moves his arms. Dr. verBeek says that as I get closer he will get more into position.
      I will just say that this appt. was the most painful appt. I have had so far! I won't go into a lot of detail! The swabbing for Group Strep B went okay except for the first part (that part was painful, for reasons people don't want to know) and the second part was fine.
      Then Dr. verBeek checked to see if I was dilated any and HOLY CROW that was really painful due to other things and because I had trouble relaxing. He said that his head was down in position but that I was posterior and that I was not close to labor... I was a little confused about it so I called and asked what he meant ... and basically I am not ready to go into labor right now!
      Sadly Dr. verBeeks last day was today and in 2 weeks I have another appointment (not excited)with the new OB, Dr. Shumate who Charlie says looks like he's 16 and has earrings! I was getting so use to Dr. verBeek... Oh well!!
      I have this strong feeling that I am going to go past my due date and I am hoping that I don't! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Maternity Photos

      So my sister-in-law Katelyn and my brother Chad were here Saturday morning and left Sunday morning... While they were here Katelyn was AWESOME and took my Maternity Photos! So here are the edited ones....

      These are just randomly taken and non edited ones.....

Eating Trail Mix
Finishing the yummy Trail Mix

Charlie does not like to
get his picture taken