Thursday, October 27, 2011

My little Chunk in Shinning Armor!!

      My little boy is getting so big and I love it! I was looking back on the picture of when he was first born and I think that I mentioned this in the last post but I miss how fat his little cheeks were! They were the most kissable cheeks I had ever seen!

His cute faces!
      My poor little lamb has to go see Doctor Austin on December 12th, he has hand an undescended (I will put this kid friendly) Family Jewel since he was born and his Pediatrician gave him some time go get it down but after 2 months it still hasn't come down. Dr. Rash said that if we left it how its is he would be more prone to Testicular Cancer and a higher infertility rate. NO WAY was this MOMMA GONNA LET THAT HAPPEN!!
His sad faces!

These are his spirit fingers!
      So We are going to go see the Doctor and he is going to evaluate my poor little lamb and I am 100% sure that he will tell us that he will have to have surgery to fix it which Dr. Rash said would have to be done!! I think that will be harder for me to handle then his circumcision since with this procedure he will have to be put on anesthesia and I believe and IV.... poor little lamb!!

      The little lamb has been smiling for quite some time now and it is beyond adorable, My mother says that me looks like me when he smiles! He is cooing more and I am 99.9% sure that he half giggled the other day! I really want him to giggle. I think that he is also not very ticklish cause no matter what I do he never smiles... well not never if you jiggle his cheeks he will smile. I was singing "Bluebird" by: Christina Perry to him and all he would do was smile at me (also when he half giggled).

We start them off early...

      I have noticed as of late that the little lam will get lint in the fat creases of his arm pits, in between his finger, the fat creases of his hands, under his neck rolls and he gets what I like to call toe jam... Who ever thought of that name?? He is just my "Chunk in Shinning Armor".
      Charlie and I often say that we cant wait till he gets a little older and his personality gets more noticeable!! He is going to be such a heart breaker, the ladies wont be able to resist him! Charlie is having a little rough of a time with him, he wouldn't allow Charlie to feed him without crying and I think that it was only because  Charlie works so much that Liam isn't as use to him and he is to me!
One of my favorites in his 3 month stash!
We were both wearing stripes that day!

I think this is the picture that my sister
said he looked like Mr. Bean

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