Thursday, January 12, 2012


I really LOVE this little boy!
My nephew's stuck a dart to
his head... It was funny

 So I really need to update and have been thinking to do so for a while but I don't think that anyone reads my blog anyway and I think that these posts are just me talking to myself...ANYWAY!!!
Merry Christmas!!
      We went to Liam's Urologist appointment in December and basically they couldn't find his poor family jewel so they scheduled us to come in on the 24th of February so that they can look for it and from what I got when the Doctor was explaining it to us was this:
      They will put him under and make a little incision under his belly button and stick a tube into his belly to inflate it with air so that they can then go in with a little microscope and look around for it. 
      The possibilities are these: 
1.) His testicle could be shrunk by which they will remove it
How he got that low I don't know
and he loves to stick his legs
straight up in the air
2.) It will be up in his tummy, due to the fact that the tendon ( I think) I can't remember what they said they would do with that one.
3.) it there and just hasn't descended and they will pull it down and attach it
4.) he has a hernia (can't remember what they called it) with which they will just pull it sown and attach it... 

Opening Presents with Grandma...
She got him a hat from Australia
and his cousins got him a really cute book
     January 24th my sister will have my 3rd nephew (on my side) and I am super excited that I get to fly home February 1-8 and help her but also be there to see him be blessed!! Even though I was just recently home I am super excited to go.... But I have never flown on a plane with a baby so it will be some thing new!
      Liam recently got a bumbo seat that was meant to be green as advertised by the box but turns out that it was purple which I realized doesn't really matter if in the future we have a daughter since it will work for her!!
     While in Spokane for christmas we found out that Liam was 15 pounds and 7.5 ounces!!! My son is a fat adorable boy!!
In his girly bumbo...
      I got a sewing machine for Christmas/My Birthday from my parents and I am making blankets for my Niece's and Nephew's but since I have a lot to make they will be a little late... lol... I have the blankets for Charlie's brother Brandon's kids and I am almost done with Jena's kids then on to Jo's four kids and I am super excited to make them.....