Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Official

      I am an Oregonian.... after thinking that I could get me license on Monday they told me that I couldn't get it cause I didn't have a certified copy of my birth certificate! 
      So I ordered it online and it gave me two options 3-5 day processing and then a week to 10 days to ship by regular mail... UH no a good option cause I need my new license to claim my plane ticket so that I can go home (April 13) to watch my nephews....OR..... 1-2 day processing and UPS air which would cost me $18.50 and get it sooner.... I chose spend the $18.50 and ended up spending $54 for the whole thing.
      So I ordered it Monday, thought that it would come next wednesday, and today I was in the bath and I heard this really loud pounding on my front door... I thought REALLY.... I grabbed a towel and answered the door slowly..... IT WAS THE UPS MAN!!! I got so excited that I forgot that I was an almost completely naked pregnant women standing in the doorway... I went and put on close and guess what it was that I got????
      MY CERTIFIED COPY OF MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE!! now all I have to worry about is PACKING and NAVIGATING my way around the Portland Airport.... 

Monday, March 14, 2011

20 Week checkup

      This CRAZY kid is a MOVER.... Doctor verBeek, my first appointment with the new male doctor since the previous two have left,  He explained the ultrasound to me... the baby is currently lying in the breech position which will change through the pregnancy... heart rate is 135 which it was also the same as the last appointment.
      The Doctor had a hard time finding the heart beat since the CRAZY kid was moving all over the place... I think it took him at least 3 minutes to find it cause he kept running away... it made me laugh.
      Then he told me that when I come back from watching my sisters kids that I have the Gloucose Test... I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not excited for.... from the way that he explained it, I get my blood drawn then drink some sugary crap and wait an hour and take more blood and if the sugar blood is higher then they do it again but a 3 hour period.... NO NEEDLES!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's a Baby....

Attact of the PENIS

He liked his hands I think

      So Yesterday was the big day, the day we got to find out if we were going to have a Boy or a Girl! At my last appointment they told me i had to drink 20-40oz of water about 45 minutes before my appointment, I did as i was told and lets just say that having to wait maybe 20 minutes with a very very very full bladder is NOT FUN!
looked like he was sucking his thumb

      So after waiting a while the Lady who was to do my Ultrasound came out and asked us if we were the 4pm appointment, saying yes she then told us that there was one more person she had to do and then she would be right with us. Then she asked me if I needed to pee and I told her yes... "why don't you go to the bathroom, DON'T empty your bladder just enough to be comfortable." ARE YOU KIDDING emptying my bladder would make me comfortable... I got to say it was really hard not to just empty it, I had to exercise some control...
Baby toes

    So when she finally came for us I was still feeling the need to pee, but she took us back to the room and i got myself all prepped and ready to start this puppy! The sensation of her pushing on my belly and having a full bladder didn't feel good, sometimes it even kinda hurt but not unbearably. She had a hard time trying to find his man business but she found it.... 
His big yawn after some sleep

     During the ultra sound we heard his heartbeat, about 135, and we saw all four chambers of his heart, his brain, We watching him yawn, and it seemed that he was fascinated with his hands because he kept opening them and closing them. She had a hard time trying to get him to move said he liked his little pocket... and once during the ultrasound she said... "oh his hand his getting close to his third leg." I thought that that was pretty funny!
I love him but he looks kinda like an Alien

     I am really excited to have a Boy and for the last few months I knew that it was going to be a boy without a doubt but i kept the hope alive for a little girl.... But I am glad that I got a
Liam Wiley Cory!!
My Baby Liam Wiley