Thursday, June 30, 2011

35 Week OB Appt.

               So today I had my 35 week appt. I got to hear Liam's heart beat again, at 135, then I had told Dr. verBeek about how he was sitting and he was feeling around and pushing on my belly (the pressure was irritating). I told him that it sometimes looks like he is lying with his back against my belly but also on my right side as well but it looks flat in the middle of my belly. So he poked and pushed.... Turns out that he is still head down but he is lying side ways with his butt in my ribs and and his arms over on the right side... so what I am seeing is when he moves stretches and moves his arms. Dr. verBeek says that as I get closer he will get more into position.
      I will just say that this appt. was the most painful appt. I have had so far! I won't go into a lot of detail! The swabbing for Group Strep B went okay except for the first part (that part was painful, for reasons people don't want to know) and the second part was fine.
      Then Dr. verBeek checked to see if I was dilated any and HOLY CROW that was really painful due to other things and because I had trouble relaxing. He said that his head was down in position but that I was posterior and that I was not close to labor... I was a little confused about it so I called and asked what he meant ... and basically I am not ready to go into labor right now!
      Sadly Dr. verBeeks last day was today and in 2 weeks I have another appointment (not excited)with the new OB, Dr. Shumate who Charlie says looks like he's 16 and has earrings! I was getting so use to Dr. verBeek... Oh well!!
      I have this strong feeling that I am going to go past my due date and I am hoping that I don't! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Maternity Photos

      So my sister-in-law Katelyn and my brother Chad were here Saturday morning and left Sunday morning... While they were here Katelyn was AWESOME and took my Maternity Photos! So here are the edited ones....

      These are just randomly taken and non edited ones.....

Eating Trail Mix
Finishing the yummy Trail Mix

Charlie does not like to
get his picture taken