Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mommy and Me

      Now I felt like I needed to post, The other my mother called to tell me that a man in my
home ward instead of have week only had a few days ( Love you Brother Jensen!!) and if you know my mother then you know that she is a cry baby and she gave me that gift. 
      SO and the end of the message as she cried the whole time she said "and I miss my birdie!" I Love My Mother, It wasn't till later that night that it really hit me how much I missed my mommy. So while Charlie lay on the other side of the bed I kinda cried silently (did not think that you could) but I thought that he would notice so I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to cry.
      I thought that I was done and I went back into my room to go to bed, Charlie had rolled over and put his arms around me, apparently I was not done after all! Charlie only ever calls me Birdie so he notice that I was crying AGAIN and asked me what was wrong,
      I MISS MY MOM!!! 
      He held me and let me cry, I love that man!! 
      Granted I knew moving away that I would not get to see my mom, but I did not really know how hard it would be, I really miss my family and most days I wish we would move back. Yet I need to be on my own.... even if I miss my family!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I miss my family

     SO my Parents and my nephew Logan were here from the 8th to the 12th and it was awesome!! I kinda miss that my family was all in Spokane! I cant go to my sisters house whenever, see my parents all the time or Chad and Katelyn or Jason... And I will admit though Bryce can be a GIANT PAIN IN MY (insert choice word here) I do miss that kid. NOT TO MENTION that I really really really really miss my Babysitting job!!!! I would go home just for that job!!!! It really sucks that the hospital in Kootenai County did not call him back after they had called him and left him a message to call them back. I REALLY MISS my Cars and Nanas!!!
     While my parents were here we wen to the Aquarium in Newport, I have not been to that place in years! It brought me back to the family reunion that we sent in Newport, funny enough my parents stayed at the same campground that they did for our family reunion all those years ago. I think that Logan really liked it...

Top Left: I tried taking it as the shark got close to her face
Top Right: Charlie touching a Sea Anemone, the tentacles are sticky
Bottom Left: Logan is watching the diver clean the tank
Bottom Right: I think that my dad is reading about Horeshoe Crabs
Logan and Charlie Best Friends Forever

      We had Logan stay the night one night while he was here and we had him all set up on the couch, his night light, radar and his meerkat. We also told him that we would keep our bed room door open which I can say that I NEVER DO. So I thought that we could all go to bed, but not Logan oh no! Charlie and I we snuggling and I hear the door open even more...
      "Why are you guys all over each other?"
      HAHAHAHAHAHA  so I said "we are snuggling, how bout you go back to bed cause its really late."
      Yeah he did not listen he just stood in the door, so I got up and took off all the cushions of the couch and put them on the floor next to Charlie's side of the bed! That way when he woke up he would wake up Charlie and not me!! Logan did not go to bed till at least 12:30!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HOLY season of Dancing with the Stars BATMAN!!

      Alright I know that I just posted but I am watching dancing with the stars and I have to talk about it!!!

      My top favorites:

  1. Jennifer Grey: (wnat her to win) her dance in the first episode was FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC it made me cry alittle 
  2. Florence Henderson: her dance in episode 5 had so much meaning I think I cried alittle, B-E-A-UTIFUL
  3. Kurt Warner: Loved his Fox Trot ( I think thats what it was in episode 5) LOVED LOVED LOVE IT!!
  4. Rick Fox: I dont know what to say about him.... I like him
  5. Kyle Massey & Audrina Patridge & Brandy: I just don't know
  6. Bristol Palin: I like her she is getting better!
  7. The Situation: why did they send Margaret Cho home she was WAY better then him!!!
      I feel better now that i have vented and i am going to finish Dancing with the Stars!!

Jimmy Dean you're my new BEST FIREND

      Charlie and I went grocery shopping yesterday, he wanted english muffins and I am not really a fan. Then I saw JIMMY DEAN sausage (rolls?? logs??) thinking hey why not and we got HOT and MAPLE. Now if you know know me then you know I do not like eggs AT ALL (so gross), today I made Charlie's with the hot sausage, an egg, and a toasted english muffin. he thought that it was delicious. I LOVE cheese, so I toasted my muffin and melted cheese on the bottom part and put a maple sausage patty.... DELICIOUS.
      But while I was cutting the sausage to make patties, I sliced open between my thumb and index finger. MAN it hurt like a snitch, I might have sworn on accident. That knife was ridiculously sharp. It is a good thing that I got the right band aids that will wrap around your finger or between fingers... Oh well