Wednesday, October 5, 2011

so whats up?

      Liam is doing well and is as FAT as ever!! Yesterday I was looking back at some of the pictures of his birth and there was a photo of my sister holding him and HOLY CROW his cheeks were SOOOOO FAT and I kinda wish that his cheeks were that FAT still!
      We took Liam back to Spokane for his baby blessing and it was very nice to see my family again and I can say that I missed them. I don't think that I held him once Grandma and Nana wanted him ALL THE TIME!!
      Charlie's dad doesn't like to hold babies and I think that Grandma passed him to John (Grandpa) for a minute... I think that he held him for about thirty seconds and he looked slightly uncomfortable so I said "I can take him if you want." and he passed him right on over.
      It was good to see Erin and Jack!! It was quite funny to see Erin hold Liam... She didn't quite get how to hold a baby and I think that she was afraid that she would break him... Jack wanted to hear his epic farts! 
      Speaking of farts I have noticed that Liam farts ALOT! He has currently started on formula and I think that it makes him quite gassy!! Its funny to see Charlie "gas" him as I like to call it. 
      Liam will fall asleep and all os a sudden there is a big fart and a sad cry.... poor baby scared himself awake! He has his two month check up today!!

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