Saturday, July 9, 2011

Liam's Future Wife

      So one of my really good friend... Mrs. Bridgette Kehrer had her daughter about a month ago (I believe) and I haven't really gotten to see her except for in pictures... But she and I have come to the conclusion that our children SHALL MARRY EACH OTHER!! We have already arranged it... 
      Miss Madison Rae Kehrer.... we are going to be coming home (spokane) September 1-7 and Liam and Madi will go on their first date and also in their matching outfits Bridgette and I got them... We shall be there to make sure no mischief is going on and plus they don't know how to drive... but all I got to say is that she is just so FREAKING CUTE I cant handle it... :D

Liam's future wife.... Madison

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