Thursday, July 14, 2011

37 week OB visit

      So I guess I should start with Tuesday (July 12) I had some issues that I thought might be connected to my water breaking. So I called my sister to talk to her about it and then I called my OB and they basically told me that I needed to go to the Hospital, not the women's clinic which is where I usually go, and get checked out just to make sure that my water had not broken....
      I got checked in and such and they had me change into a gown and belly band and give them a pee sample... After lying down on the bed  she put a thingy to monitor Liam's heart beat and I will say that it took her a good 5 minutes to get his heart beat to show up due to the fact that this boy is a wiggler!! 
      After that she did a little swabbing to test for the Amniotic fluid and then she checked to see if I was effaced/dilated... I think that that is the worst part for me cause its difficult for me to relax at all with all that pressure and such! She then said that she could not really tell how effaced/dilated I was because his head was basically in the way... I thought that that meant that he was coming but she just said that usually there would be room to feel around the head to feel the cervix but I guess that Liam had a MASSIVE HEAD!!
       After being checked and such the loving nurse told us that we'd have to wait for the results of the swab.... came back that my water had not broken but the stuff that I thought was my mucous plug was indeed a good chunk of my plug (meaning he is coming soon :D) and that I would still be loosing some since it can regenerate. Then she tells us that we need to stay for about 20 minutes so that she can get a good heart beat reading on Liam due to the fact that the WHOLE TIME we were there he NEVER STOPPED MOVING which meant every time that he would move it would not show on the monitor. DARN CHILD.... I LOVE him though!!
      I will say this about my Husband he doesn't like all that icky stuff of getting checked and such. So when she was checking me I thought it weird that he actually scooted the rocking chair closer to my head... I thought that it was because he could see what she was doing! He later informed me that he did it "To be nice" What a silly boy!! I love him but I don't get why this baby stuff makes him all icked out... he goes to babies being born all the time....
      So today I had my OB appointment and it was my first time with Doctor Shumate.... Not what I thought!! He was extremely nice and when Charlie said earrings I thought "Oh maybe gadges?" nope its a hoop and a diamond... in both ears. He checked Liam's heart beat and said it was between 129-133... They had called earlier this morning and asked if I could come in at 12:30 instead of 1:30 and I start thinking WHY WHY WHY? As a first time mom I think that thats fairly normal to freak out when they don't say why. It was because He had had something scheduled for my appointment time... SIGH OF RELIFE!
      My first thought when they called is that they are going to tell me that I have Group Strep B... to which I would tell them to TAKE THIS BABY OUT NOW!! It seemed like everything that they had tested me for had all come back positive. Luckily I was negative for it and I was excited!! I am kinda looking forward to my next appointment on the 22nd....

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